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Platt and Associates is an internationally recognized consulting firm and professional training provider specializing in DUI and DWI litigation.

We provide expert insight into complex impaired driving cases.

Founder Lance A. Platt, Ph.D. is a former police officer and instructor for law enforcement. Since he became a legal consultant, he has built a reputation as a leading expert in alcohol and drug impairment.

Case Review and Evaluation

Need an unbiased opinion on your case? Our experts will give it to you straight.

Expert Witness Testimony

Reliable testimony from qualified specialists with a focus on proper procedure.

Training Courses

Sought-after professional development training programs.

Case Preparation

Build a case that has the best chance of success with our insights.

Why Platt and Associates?

Preparing trial lawyers to win with proven results.


What our clients say about us

  • Extremely knowledgeable, reliable and professional.

    Andrew Mishlove – Attorney
  • One of the top experts in the country in this area, if not the very best.

    Ronald J. Meltzer – Attorney
  • I send every DWI case to Lance for review.

    Deandra Grant – Attorney
  • Lance can be trusted for his honesty and integrity.

    John K. Fanney
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