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Expert Witness Testimony

An expert witness can be a crucial factor in deciding the fate of a trial. Platt and Associates has provided qualified expert witness testimony regarding the facts uncovered through the investigation process in hundreds of cases.

Our longevity is down to our reputation for providing an unbiased opinion on impaired driving matters so that a judge or jury can make a better-informed decision. A judge or jury is more likely to treat the testimony of someone who has had their expertise recognized in court on multiple occasions as reliable.

Our expert witness testimony is based on specialist knowledge of impaired driving that goes beyond that of a layperson, judge or juror. We can be relied upon to provide opinion on an issue or evidence that cannot be decided by the Court itself. In a trial where police procedure is an issue, for instance, our knowledge of police training and protocols means we will be able to testify that the police’s handling of a situation did or did not meet the necessary standard.

Often the only options available to a lawyer are to question police evidence, their equipment and whether they followed the correct procedure. Without an expert opinion, police evidence is often accepted by a court at face value.

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