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William C. “Bubba” Head – Attorney at Law – Atlanta, Georgia

“Dr. Lance Platt is nationally recognized as the foremost expert for training practitioners and instructors in NHTSA standardized field sobriety testing (SFST). His advanced degrees (Masters level and Ph.D) in teaching have helped him reach the pinnacle position in America as a trainer of any person wanting the inside story about the reliability and validity of these roadside agility exercises when administered by marginally trained police officers. An added “plus” for Lance is his prior work as a police officer in Texas, which helps him relate well to law enforcement officers. This prior experience in the field also helps Lance deflect a prosecutor’s questions about the basis of his opinions given at pre-trial motions or at trial of a case involving field sobriety testing.”

John K. Fanney – Attorney at Law – Raleigh, North Carolina

“I was a student at the first Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) course that Lance offered to practicing attorneys. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect from an ex-cop or the quality of the education I would receive. Immediately, I recognized Lance to be an invaluable asset to the criminal defense bar. Lance was enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of these tests, their proper administration and the short-comings seen in so many SFST administrations that can lead to a conviction.”

“Lance can be trusted for his honesty and integrity. He is always more than willing to help both through his classes and personally. I have also attended the SFST instructor course and the DRE Pre-school with Lance. The knowledge I gained with Lance’s assistance helps me daily in court, with other lawyers, judges and even police officers. I highly recommend taking any course offered by Lance. “

Todd LaNeve – Attorney At Law – Jane Lew, West Virginia

“From the field sobriety training I’ve received from Lance Platt, to co-instructing field sobriety courses alongside him, to utilizing his expertise as a consultant and witness in client matters, I have always found Lance to be an outstanding resource who delivers the needed expertise in a way that always meets my needs. Lance is on my standing list of go-to expert consultants.”

Doug Cowan – Attorney at Law – Kirkland, Washington

“We were privileged to have Platt & Associates present the DRE Basic Training program to our small group of lawyers. We learned the strengths of the protocols as well as the weaknesses. Each lawyer left that program with the confidence to take on this previously intimidating category of cases without fear of failure. It was not only well worth the investment of time and money, but it provided the skills absolutely necessary for any attorney claiming to be a DUI defense lawyer.”

Ronald J. Meltzer – Attorney at Law – New York, New York

“I am an attorney who concentrates his practice in DWI defense. I have known Lance Platt for about 5 years and have received SFST training from him. I spent 3 days at his course and became NHTSA qualified to administer the SFSTs. In addition, I have also have attended numerous seminars over the years where Lance Platt was a keynote speaker. Lance is incredibly knowledgable in the subject of DWI detection and administration of the SFSTs. His lectures were extremely interesting. On countless ocassions Lance has given me advice and consultation pertaining to my DWI cases. (This is in conjunction with my membership in the National College of DWI Defense.) Lance’s experience and educational credentials in this field are among the very best in the country. Clearly he is one of the top experts in the country in this area, if not the very best.”

William Kirk – Attorney at Law – Kirkland, Washington

“Mr. Platt has established himself as one of this nation’s foremost experts on field sobriety testing and Drug Recognition Evaluations. His level of expertise and candor has made him an invaluable resource for any attorney facing the difficult task of defending someone accused of impaired driving. Both his field sobriety testing student course and drug recognition evaluation course provides the attorney with training commensurate with any witness that they may have to cross examine. Mr. Platt has been an intricate part of many successful defenses mounted by this firm and I strongly encourage every attorney to consult with him on even the most difficult of cases.”

Andrew Mishlove – Attorney at Law – Glendale, Wisconsin

“I have known Lance Platt for about seven years. I have attended his presentations, taken his SFST course and I have used him as an expert witness. He is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and professional. His demeanor on the witness stand is quite impressive. He has the respect of the DUI defense community nationwide. I endorse him enthusiastically.”

Paul Doroshenko, Q.C. – Attorney at Law – Vancouver, British Columbia

“We met Lance Platt by taking his SFST course. We found it so useful that we then brought him to Vancouver in 2017 to teach us about police DRE (Drug Recognition Evaluation / Drug Recognition Expert) which has been invaluable now that this has become a prominent feature of the Canadian Impaired Driving legal landscape.
The most respected DUI lawyers such as Deandra Grant, Evan Levow, Andrew Mishlove and the legendary Bubba Head, consult Lance Platt because he sees through to the answer and he tells it to you straight.
Canadian lawyers defending any drug impaired cases should contact Lance. There is nothing like being prepared to do the best job you can for your client. The specialized insight of the right expert is often just the thing to find success at trial. When it comes to DRE cases, Lance is the right expert.”

Fred Slone – Attorney at Law – Anchorage, Alaska

“Lance’s expertise in DUI police investigations is indispensable. He is thorough, concise, and professional. He has a way of talking directly to the point in a manner that jurors, judges and lawyers appreciate. Lance will find any problems or errors in police investigations, and the significance of those problems in the big picture. If the police do a good job, he will tell me that as well. Lance’s knowledge and experience in police DUI investigative procedures are unsurpassed, in my view.”

Evan M. Levow – Attorney at Law – Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“If there were such a title as “Master Instructor” for the SFST or DRE program, Lance Platt is THE Master. His qualifications speak for themselves, but it is his manner and personality that make him truly exceptional as a teacher of the NHTSA/IACT information — a teacher to lawyers, judges, and juries. I have the highest respect for Lance, and would recommend him without reservation.”

Joseph C. Kreps – Attorney at Law – Birmingham, Alabama

“The concepts and items that you learn and the depth of knowledge that Lance has is second to none. The instruction is very thorough and you will learn more about the DUI defense process and field sobriety tests and other issues related to DUI defense than you could ever possibly imagine before going.”

J. Gary Trichter – Attorney at Law – Houston, Texas

“I have known Lance Platt for many years as both a good friend and as an expert witness in DWI cases. He is exemplary in both capacities.

As an expert, Lance has impeccable credentials which play well with both judges and juries. Indeed, his personality is such that juries immediately like him. Also, as an expert, he is never afraid to say in the appropriate case that he cannot support a client’s claim of non-impairment. Here, Lance’s honesty is what makes him a real expert because his answers are not always the same, e.g., the police are always wrong or that the defendant is always innocent. Rather, Lance has proved himself as a man of integrity by honestly calling his cases as he sees them.

Moreover, Lance is a very good writer and his reports are not only clear, but also, very thorough. As a trial lawyer, I especially appreciate his thoroughness because he makes me a better lawyer by causeing me to learn something new each time he works with me.

In closing, it is with great please that I recommend my friend Lance Platt to the Defense Bar as an expert witness in DWI cases.”

Patrick J. Arata – Attorney at Law – Ft. Wayne, Indiana

“I have had the pleasure of being trained by Lance Platt. The first seminar I attended was “DRE for Lawyers.” The training was invaluable and my clients have greatly benefited from it. Thereafter, every new lawyer that I employed have received training from Lance in the SFST’s and/or DRE’s. This training occurs as soon as I can get them to one of his training seminars.

Lance is extremely knowledgeable as well as personable. He has also, politely, corrected me on my interpretation of the SFST manuals when I am mistaken as to their proper administration.

I routinely refer lawyers to him for training and for the acquisition of the SFST and DRE manuals which are required if one wants to competently represent citizens charged with Intoxicated and drug offenses.

He has also, at my request, trained many lawyers in Indiana. The lawyers he trained routinely ask me when I can arrange for him to come back for additional training.

You will never find a better teacher for training or an expert testifying in a courtroom.”

Deandra Grant – Attorney at Law – Plano and Dallas, Texas

“I have completed Lance’s SFST Certification course and the Instructor Course. In addition, I send every DWI case to Lance for review. He has provided excellent training, case reviews and testimony for me over the years. I highly recommend not only his courses but his expertise as a consultant and witness.”

Kevin T. Stewart – Attorney at Law – Flowood, Mississippi

“As an attorney whose practice consists of defending individuals charged with driving under the influence, field sobriety training is a necessity. I was amazed at the knowledge Lance was able to provide for both the standardized test and the research NHTSA based development of the program. If anyone is debating on whether they should attend a class on SFST or which instructor they should choose, Lance would be my recommendation. Thanks again!”

Jason M. Glass – Attorney at Law – Jane Lew, West Virginia

“The services provided by Platt and Associates are top notch and invaluable. The training provided by Lance is essential to the development of any DUI defense attorney. The same day I was sworn in as a licensed attorney I flew to attend the NHTSA SFST student course offered by Lance. I learned more from that course than any other seminar I have attended since. Because of his law enforcement background, Lance is able to provide insight in the training course where others simply cannot.

I have also had Lance review files on several cases regarding the proper administration of field sobriety tests. Lance=s reviews provide ammunition to take down the arresting officer on the stand and can often lead to the prosecution offering favorable plea. Lance is great on the stand in front of a jury, shows a mastery of the subject that gives prosecutors fits.

If you practice DUI defense and you have not been to a NHTSA SFST Student course, you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice. One weekend with Platt and Associates and you will never look at field sobriety testing the same way again! “

Brad A. Schreiber – Attorney at Law – Pierre, South Dakota

“Lance stands at the summit of experience, knowledge and training in the services he provides to DUI defense. He is efficient and thorough. His case evaluation is an indispensable part to any DUI case. It can bring an early, favorable resolution for your client or he can be a nightmare for any prosecutor.”

Doug Aaron – Attorney at Law – Manchester, Tennessee

“I had an opportunity to use Lance Platt in a jury trial in Tennessee. There were no breath or blood tests, so the interperation of the SFST’s was of paramount importance.

We sent Lance the entire case file including the DVD of the stop and SFST’s. Lance took the DVD apart piece by piece. In his extremely thorough report, Lance identified several parts of the DVD, explained why it was important, recited the NHTSA standard and then offered his comments on how the DVD deviated from the NHTSA standards.

Lance was very helpful in trial. Unlike some experts, Lance came in the evening before trial and stayed the entire two days of the trial. His testimony demeanor was outstanding. We had a tough case, but with Lance’s help we got a 6-6 hung jury on a DUI 2nd. Another DUI by the same officer was pending after the instant trial. After the trial the prosecutor offered a plea to two DUI 1st’s.

I feel confident in saying without Lance’s help we would suffered a conviction.”


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