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Case Review & Evaluation

Platt and Associates has provided expert analysis of case files to assess their chances of success and identify how they can be improved. We are experienced in dealing with both civil and criminal case reviews and have an enviable record of accomplishing success for our clients.

Our approach is simple: we tell it to you straight. We have dealt with countless case files so we know which arguments work in court and which ones don’t. An expert will help you to address the issues in your case. They can also find holes in the opposing case and which arguments and evidence work best in court. With more than 16 years of experience in DWI/DUI Case reviews, we can give you an honest, unbiased assessment of your case’s chances of success in a relatively short amount of time.

We have expert knowledge of DUI/DWI testing, however, we don’t just look at the test results. There’s a lot more to it than just testing the test. We look at the entire investigation from the moment of the alleged offence took place until the handcuff. Our specialist knowledge extends to field sobriety testing, police procedure, impairment levels and more. We, therefore, know instantly when police procedure has not been followed, when tests have been incorrectly administered and when field sobriety tests were not carried out in compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards.

A case report is also a prerequisite for any consulting we carry out on your case. Our goal is to provide clients with a map for their case, charting the way to a successful outcome. Our technical reports are also designed to significantly reduce your preparation time before going to court.

We have helped thousands of clients improve their cases. Speak to an expert today.

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