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Training Courses

Platt and Associates provides legal professionals with a variety of professional development training including National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approved Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) training, NHTSA approved SFST Instructor certification and an overview of the Drug Evaluation and Classification program.

Education is the foundation of all our training programs. Our experts have developed the curriculum higher learning institutions use to teach courses related to impaired driving. They have also lectured higher learning students in relation to DWI/DUI offences and have instructed law enforcement personnel on the Criminal Justice System.

Our Courses

Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Student course (HTSA Course) 2023 Curriculum
This course focuses on the 2023 NHTSA DWI Detection and SFST Student Manual curriculum, providing participants with an in-depth understanding of the three phases of DUI detection and how to apply them through real-life DWI case videos analysis. Additionally, the course includes a session on Cannabis from the 2023 NHTSA Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Student Manual, including research studies on drug-impaired driving and the national trend of marijuana legalization. Participants will be required to pass both an SFST proficiency test and a written exam. Hosted by Deandra Grant Law and sponsored by the DUI Defense Lawyers Association and, this course offers valuable education and training for those interested in improving their skills in standardized sobriety field testing.

Dates: June 29-30, 2023

Location: Studio Movie Grill – Spring Valley 13933 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75243

Cost: $800 for DUIDLA members/ $875 for non members

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Drug Evaluation and Classification Overview Course (DRE)

This training seminar is an overview of the key evaluation principles found in the NHTSA Drug Evaluation and Classification Program (DECP-DRE)
curriculum. This unique training course will inform the attendee in the most current NHTSA/IACP approved DRE procedures and training curriculum/protocols as well as case planning techniques from a medical and scientific point of view. This training seminar will train the legal professional in:

Development and effectiveness of the drug recognition process; Overview of physiology of drugs; The drug evaluation and classification procedures (12 step process); Drug evaluation eye examinations (HGN, VGN, lack of convergence, estimation of pupil size, pupil reaction to light); Vital sign examinations (pulse rates, blood pressure, and body temperature); Seven drug categories; Drug combinations; Analysis of the drug evaluation narrative report and the drug influence evaluation face sheet; and proper use of the drug evaluation matrix to form drug category classification. Attendees will receive a jump drive of the most recent NHTSA DECP course pre-school and long course manuals along with DECP studies and case law as well as ARIDE manuals.

This one of a kind course is team-taught with Dr. Fran Gengo, PHARM.D. or Dr. Michelle Rainka, PHARM.D. giving this course a unique look at pharmacology from the law enforcement and pharmacologist points of view.

Date: TBD

Course Cost: $700.00

Wingate by Wyndham Indianapolis Airport-Rockville Road
5797 Rockville Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46224

Room Rate of $90.00 per night (under DRE Training)

Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Are you a lawyer looking to improve their knowledge of impaired driving law? Platt and Associates provide advanced legal training in a wide range of impaired driving topics including. Our training is flexible so you can fit your learning around your busy schedule. Modules are available in person or teaching can also be provided online.

Program Overviews / Seminars

The experts at Platt and Associates are also available to speak at seminars on a range of topics. These talks function as a program overview to give participants a better understanding of impaired driving law. Our speakers have provided legal organizations with presentations on impaired driving issues both at both state and national levels. If you have a legal conference coming up, consider how beneficial it could be to have qualified experts in law enforcement, impaired driving detection and pharmacology could have to your event.

To attend one of our courses, book a private training session or for more information call 979-846-3950

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